Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Many of our pet clients have owners who work outside of the home or have otherwise very busy schedules. We are available to visit your dogs as often as needed during the day. It is very important and beneficial for your dog to have regular exercise. Like people, dogs require daily exercise and mental stimulation to stay healthy in body and mind.

Dog Walking Pricing

We provide one-on-one leash walking sessions in the area of your preference, usually within your neighborhood. We understand that every dog has different needs, so the duration of the walk, the distance, and the pace of our exercise will vary to suit your dog. After our walk we change your animals’ water, give them treats (if permitted), cuddles, and a good bye kiss!

Potty Breaks

£ 5 / 15 Mins
  • Potty Breaks
  • Short Brisk Walk
  • Refresh Water / Feed
  • Deliver medication (If required)
  • £1 for additional pets

Morning & Afternoon Walks

£ 10 / Hour
  • £10 For 1 hour between 07:30/08:30
  • £10 For 1 hour between 09:00/10:00
  • £10 For 1 hour between 11:00/12:00
  • £10 For 1 hour between 13:00/14:00
  • £10 For 1 hour between 15:30/16:30


Evening & Night Time Walks

£ 15 / Hour

  • £15 For 1 hour between 17:00/18:00
  • £15 For 1 hour between 18:30/19:30
  • £20 For 1 hour between 20:30/21:30

Arrange a Free first visit

We will be happy to come and meet you to discuss your needs and meet your pet. Hopefully, we can provide a service that matches your needs. Arrange a FREE non-committal meeting.



We offer a free initial consultation, so we can get to know each other, and design a bespoke service suited completely to your requirements.


Email your requirements  and questions to the following email address:


From Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 20:00, call or Whatsapp us at:
07985 366948


We take your pet requirements very seriously and will do our best to meet their needs.
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